Newswire: Fandango boldly declares that people are looking forward to the new Star Wars movie

2015—the official year of getting sick of Back To The Future references—has just kicked off, which means the world is full of hope and anticipation for the coming year. Also, it’s time for people to start analyzing and quantifying exactly how much hope and anticipation the world has in order to predict which movies will make a lot of money. It’s like there’s magic in the air!

According to a survey conducted by Fandango (via The Hollywood Reporter), the movie that users are looking forward to the most in 2015 is none other than Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a low-profile indie flick that has received approximately zero coverage from The A.V. Club. Apparently it’s some kind of sequel to one of the most popular film trilogies of all time and also one of the least popular film trilogies of all time, but …

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