Newswire: Fallout 4’s first add-ons include robot buddies and a trip to Maine

Fallout 4 has come and—for the free-time rich among us—gone, which means it’s time for Bethesda to start rolling out all kinds of new stuff to bring wayward wanderers back to The Commonwealth. Today, the game’s creators announced the first three add-ons for their popular post-apocalyptic litter-collection simulator. They will be released over the next three months, starting with Automatron in March. Packing a $10 price tag, this add-on will fill your game with even more robots and give players the chance to build their own mechanical companions. April’s offering, the $5 Wasteland Workshop, is even lighter. It comes with some new stuff you can build for your makeshift towns and the ability to trap wild animals and have them fight for your amusement.

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