Newswire: Faith No More’s keyboardist wrote an opera about Bigfoot

As reported by Noisey (via Rolling Stone), Roddy Bottum—the keyboard player for Faith No More—has written an opera about Bigfoot. And no, you probably didn’t just have a stroke. This is a real thing that’s really happening. Titled Sasquatch: The Opera, the show will premiere as part of the “Story Binge” project from Brooklyn’s Experiments In Opera (an organization that does exactly what its name suggests) in April.

Bottum—who should be played by Matt Walsh if they ever make a movie about Faith No More—says Sasquatch is a love story about a girl whose family operates a business that takes people into the woods to look for Bigfoots (Bigfeet?). When the family gets run off by a real Bigfoot, the girl sticks around and develops a “taboo love affair” with the creature. Bottum says he liked the idea because it was “preposterous,” and …

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