Newswire: Facebook’s putting friends and family first, though not necessarily in that order

Facebook regularly tweaks the algorithm it uses to organize your newsfeed, the better to bring you updates from your favorite political candidates or pop culture sites with. Up until recently, it might have felt like those changes had shifted the focus away from the thousands of summer weddings and music festivals that could have been unfolding before your social media-scouring eyes to, say, articles about how to plan the perfect backyard wedding, or a media outlet’s coverage of said music festivals. And that’s basically what Facebook has been doing—pushing “publisher” content onto its billion-plus users in place of your brother’s lunch photos or your boss’ inspirational memes.

But it looks like Facebook is turning the tables on those news producers with the announcement that it is revising the algorithm yet again to bring posts from users’ friends and family back to the forefront. The social media …

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