Newswire: Facebook’s giving eBay a run for its money with new Marketplace app

Facebook has rolled out new and Star Trek-related Reactions, but that’s far from the extent of its largesse (or monitoring of your Facebook activity). The social-media platform already plays virtual host to groups that organize the purchase, sale, and trade of items like clothes and furniture. But Facebook’s just streamlined the experience, while putting its users in touch with more buyers and sellers than ever. Today the company’s launched Marketplace, which is just want it sounds like and is available via the Facebook app.

Items are sorted into categories that are titled, intuitively enough, things like Household, Apparel, and Electronics. You can narrow your search by price and category; you can also keep your search local with the built-in location tool, or search a separate city/town. Images, product descriptions, and the seller’s profile photo and name are all made available to prospective buyers. Once …

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