Newswire: Facebook working on ways to just put itself right in your brain

After years of using your monkey fists like a chump, Facebook is now working on a device that will allow you spew status updates directly from your mind—no typing, or single moment of reflection while the impulse travels from your cortex to your fingers necessary, ever again. It’s an innovation that could allow for much easier internet communication for people with disabilities, as well as for people who find their current, physically distinct relationship with Facebook far too cold and distant.

The initiative was unveiled at a recent presentation during Facebook’s F8 conference, where Regina Dugan—a former director of DARPA who now heads up Facebook’s neighborly-sounding Building 8 lab—revealed that the company has tasked 60 engineers with designing a brain-computer interface, one that will allow you to type up to 100 words per minute, just by it reading your mind. If all that sounds …

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