Newswire: Facebook wants to further fuse hands to phones with in-app food delivery

In Facebook’s ongoing bid to fuse itself to our eyeballs, the social media juggernaut has integrated food ordering and delivery services directly into its platform. Starting today, you can order your lunch or dinner directly from the Facebook page of any restaurant that’s currently using food delivery services or Slice. This way, users won’t need to leave Facebook or launch another app–hear that, GrubHub? Seamless?–to place an order.

The process is simple: Just click “Start Order,” make your selection, then wait for your grub to arrive while grudgingly returning to a timeline whose grip is growing tighter and tighter by the minute.

If you’re unsure what to order, a new Recommendations feature gives your friends and uneasy online acquaintances the chance to offer suggestions, which Facebook then maps out and saves in one place. “The only place,” Mark Zuckerberg is no doubt …

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