Newswire: Facebook pledges to take on government-sponsored fake news

No longer content with just trying to keep people from spewing racist rants in public, or post illegally pirated episodes of One Piece on their walls, Facebook is getting into the world of international intrigue. The company released a new report today detailing its efforts to combat what most of us have given up and just started calling “fake news,” but which the company labels with the much more espionage-sounding “information operations.”

The company’s goal is to target both “government and non-state actors” who hope to use the social media platform to steal personal information or falsely influence public opinion. Among other things, the report presents Facebook’s take on the 2016 U.S. election, noting several groups that engaged in “false amplification,” a.k.a. using a bunch of fake accounts to hammer a message into the public consciousness and start “grassroots” groups that eventually draw in people …

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