Newswire: Facebook brings us closer to Skynet with new virtual assistant M

If you find Siri too sassy or Cortana too limited, Facebook is now offering an upgraded knowledge-navigator experience. Wired reports the social network has begun rolling out a new virtual assistant called M (for “Messenger,” probably, or as an homage to everyone’s favorite MI5 boss). A few hundred users in the Bay Area will test-drive the free service today via Facebook’s Messenger app, which combines the fathomless knowledge of the internet with the discerning tastes of human beings.

We’re already using apps like Uber to get us rides and GrubHub (or Seamless, or DoorDash) to bring us food. Apple, Google, and Microsoft all offer digital helpers to provide everything from more precise navigation to helping you figure out which movie that guy was in that one time. But David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, promises that M will be able to do things none …

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