Newswire: Facebook and Snapchat both want us living in emoji-slathered hellscapes

Ignoring the fact that most of us already spend the better part of our days with our eyes glued to our phone, typing in questions like, “Who was the guy in that thing?” “What song is this?” and “Why do my eyes bleed when I try to go to sleep every night?”, Facebook mastermind Mark Zuckerberg envisions a world in which we spend even more time looking at things via our smartphones and other connected devices. Zuckerberg outlined his blurry vision while giving the keynote address at this year’s F8, the company’s annual developers conference. (And for those of you racing to make some pithy Fate Of The Furious joke, rest-assured that Zuckerberg’s dad-joke-loving writers were already on the case.)

The key focus of Zuckerberg’s talk was Facebook’s new push into augmented reality, the same tech that allowed us all to derive increasingly muted joys …

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