Newswire: “F” rating designed to highlight female-led films debuts in the U.K.

2015 may have been the year of Furiosa, but women continued to experience trouble in the film industry as a whole. A recent university study underscored just how underrepresented women are in film and TV: Not only did were they featured in less than a third of the number of speaking roles (a percentage that’s actually decreased in recent years), but women only accounted for 1.9% of directors, 11.2% of writers and 18.9% of producers. The disparity is so glaring that the ACLU has requested a federal investigation, which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission appears to be prepping.

Such are (some of) the circumstances that prompted the Bath Film Festival to look for a way to highlight the women-led entries in its lineup. In 2014, festival director Holly Tarquini created the F (for “female) rating, which was added to any film that was written or directed …

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