Newswire: Express your McDonald’s-like individuality by putting Big Macs on everything

Even as Taco Bell has thrown a biscuit-shaped sledgehammer into the face of McDonald’s Orwellian, slightly-different-shaped-biscuit dystopia, McDonald’s has striven to prove it still stands for the unflinching nonconformity you’d expect from a global purveyor of hamburger discs. It gave its corporate mascot a new makeover featuring cargo pants, the pant of the iconoclast. It attended SXSW, the underground music festival known only to a small, elite group of around 400,000. And now it’s carried that philosophy to a new line of clothing and lifestyle products, targeting hip people who want to demonstrate a similar sense of individual expression by draping their bodies and homes in Big Macs. But pictures of them, this time.

McDonald’s recently launched its Big Mac Shop, but currently only in Sweden, a nation that has long captured life’s simple pleasure in whimsical expression, like the films of Ingmar …

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