Newswire: Exclusive Vertigo preview: Last Gang In Town revives England’s revolutionary spirit

Vertigo Comics have always been deeply rooted in British culture thanks to the contributions of creators like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and Warren Ellis. So it makes sense that some of the new Vertigo debuts this season would look to Great Britain for inspiration: Red Thorn embraces the mythology of Scotland in its horror romance narrative, and next week’s Last Gang In Town jumps back to the turbulent landscape of London in the ’70s for a punk rock-inspired story about fighting a government suffocating the life out of the city and the country at large. Writer Simon Oliver is a Vertigo veteran that has written strange, high-concept series like The Exterminators and FBP: Federal Bureau Of Physics, and while there may be a twist in store for his new title, this preview of Last Gang In Town #1 keeps it simple with an exciting action sequence and some foreshadowing …

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