Newswire: Exclusive Valiant preview: Faith grows up with her own solo miniseries

The breakout character of Joshua Dysart’s Harbinger series, Faith Herbert is a cheerful, enthusiastic nerd that sees the manifestation of her superpowers as an opportunity to become the kind of hero she’s idolized her entire life. She’s been part of two superhero teams since her debut, but Faith is breaking out on her own with a solo miniseries debuting January 27 from writer Jody Houser, artist Francis Portela, and colorist Andrew Dalhouse. As is to be expected, Faith turns to classic superhero ideas to guide her solo career, throwing on a pair of glasses and a wig when she’s in her alliterative secret identity Summer Smith, and this preview of Faith #1 firmly establishes the character’s new status quo while introducing the mysterious threat that will inevitably challenge the central hero.

The art by Portela and Dalhouse accentuates the tonal shift from the eerie opening …

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