Newswire: Exclusive: Stream Adam Torres’ cult classic album Nostra Nova

Back in the early ‘00s, Southeast Engine was one of the biggest bands in the little town of Athens, Ohio. Around that same time, the group’s Adam Torres was working on a solo project, Nostra Nova. Released in 2006 to precious little fanfare, Nostra Nova was a folk record tinged with Appalachian roots, something that was probably at least a little influenced by Athens’ foothills location. With some of his Southeast Engine bandmates helping out on rhythm, Torres constructed a reflective DIY record that, even nine years later, stands the test of time. And since it was chronically underappreciated then and has become a cult classic since, it’s getting a reissue now. Nostra Nova hits stores April 21 on Misra, but A.V. Club readers can stream the whole thing below. Tracks like “Breakneck Jane’s Fifteen Minute Escape” were instant classics for listeners then, and will hopefully …

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