Newswire: Exclusive: See Emilyn Brodsky’s creeping stop-motion video for her new song

Emilyn Brodsky’s latest, Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion, was released last week, with Brodsky’s bright, ethereal pop belying the dark and questioning undercurrents running through her music. Her new video for “Yes, Children” marries that creeping, claustrophobic aura with the poppy breeziness Brodsky so effortlessly creates. It’s a neat bit of stop-motion animation, using lots and lots of hair to create a compellingly child-like world that feels somewhat haunted.

“All of the videos in this series play with a different aspect of corporeal existence and each asks the question ‘What is UP with bodies?’” Brodsky told The A.V. Club. “This one warns against ignoring the loose ends in one’s life. But, as you can see in the video, tying up those loose ends is just the beginning.”

This is the second of three stop-motion animated videos Brodsky has created alongside animator Haily Wojcik and photographer Brian …

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