Newswire: Exclusive: Nikki Glaser and Dan Savage redefine 2016’s presidential candidates

Stand-up comedian and Inside Amy Schumer regular Nikki Glaser got a raunchy Comedy Central show of her own this year. Not Safe With Nikki Glaser, which premiered earlier this month, was given a 10-episode order and combines pre-taped segments, conversations and games with fellow comedians, and “social experiments,” like when Glaser polygraphs her friends in the premiere in order to figure out if she’s unwittingly friend-zoning any of them.

In a bonus online video for Not Safe, Glaser teams up with Savage Love columnist Dan Savage for an uncensored takedown of 2016’s presidential candidates, turning their names into dirty words. According to Glaser, “Jeb Bush” now officially means “when you want to have sex with the same girl your dad and brother did.” And according to Savage, the “Bernie Sanders” is “when the guy you’re hooking up with won’t shut up about economic equality.” The A …

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