Newswire: Exclusive Marvel preview: Power Man & Iron Fist #1 reunites the Heroes For Hire

Luke “Power Man” Cage and Danny “Iron Fist” Rand used to be one of the Marvel Universe’s great superhero pairings, but it’s been years since they joined forces on a regular basis. Sure, they served as New Avengers together for a while and have teamed up for shorter adventures, but they drifted apart as Luke split time between raising a family and leading a superhero team and Danny dealt with the ghosts of his mystical past. That finally changes with next week’s Power Man & Iron Fist #1, which gets the old gang back together with an exceptional creative team at the helm, launching a bold new era for the former Heroes For Hire.

Writer David Walker’s best works in comics have been his two Shaft miniseries for Dynamite Comics—the second, Shaft: Imitation Of Life, begins this week—and his talent for engaging, character-driven street-level …

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