Newswire: Exclusive Marvel preview: Nomad goes on the run in Hail Hydra #3

Stranded in enemy territory and hunted by Hydra’s twisted version of the Avengers, Ian “Nomad” Rogers is in a dangerous position in Hail Hydra, the Secret Wars miniseries that reunites the creative team behind last year’s Winter Soldier: The Bitter March. Writer Rick Remender, artist Roland Boschi, and colorist Chris Chuckry did great work with that retro miniseries, and they’ve maintained the thrilling energy of that past collaboration in this new title. Ian, the biological son of Captain America villain Arnim Zola and adopted son of Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter, is one of Remender’s biggest contributions to the Captain America mythos, and it’s fitting that the writer would shine the spotlight on Ian for his last Marvel project for the foreseeable future.

Hail Hydra finds Ian at odds with his biological pedigree as he searches for his missing adopted parents, joined by their daughter …

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