Newswire: Exclusive Marvel preview: Hank Pym and Scott Lang team up in Ant-Man Annual #1

With the Ant-Man film just over a week away, Marvel is giving the hero some extra attention on comic stands next Wednesday by releasing Ant-Man Annual #1, which has the film’s two main characters, Scott Lang and Hank Pym, teaming up on the page. It’s essentially an extra chapter of writer Nick Spencer, artist Ramon Rosanas, and colorist Jordan Boyd’s current Ant-Man run, with all three creators working on the Annual along with artist Brent Schoonover, who is drawing flashbacks of Scott and Hank partnering in the past. Schoonover’s style complements Rosanas’ very nicely, and he maintains the clean look that has defined the Ant-Man ongoing while bringing a little more texture to his inking.

This preview of next week’s Ant-Man Annual #1 spotlights how Spencer has kept the spirit of his excellent Superior Foes Of Spider-Man series alive by having Scott employ former supervillains …

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