Newswire: Exclusive Marvel preview: Babies go to (secret) war in Giant-Size Little Marvel

Skottie Young’s “Baby Marvel” variant covers have become a staple for new debuts at the publisher over the last few years, and the presence of these tiny superhero tykes isn’t being ignored by Marvel’s big summer event Secret Wars. The Marvel Babies have their own little section of Battleworld called “Marville” (a callback to the disastrous 2002 miniseries written by former Marvel executive Bill Jemas), and it’s a brightly colored, cartoonishly exaggerated locale where tensions between the Avengers and X-Men take the form of playground squabbles.

Written and drawn by Young, next week’s Giant-Size Little Marvel #1 welcomes readers to Marville with a bouncy theme song, underplaying the fact that these babies are all living in a world where Dr. Doom is god. In this preview, Baby Magik summons a horde of demons to attack the Avengers after Baby Iron Man melts her Evil Pony …

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