Newswire: Exclusive Marvel preview: Ant-Man #2 settles in Miami with a Grizzly fight

After the curveball ending of Ant-Man #1, Scott Lang is now a resident of Miami, raising his teenage daughter Cassie while acting as southern Florida’s highest-profile superhero (there’s not very much competition). Scott turned down a lucrative job at Stark Industries to be with his daughter, and now he’s having some trouble adjusting to his new environment—mostly because there’s a C-list supervillain in a grizzly bear costume trying to kill him.

Writer Nick Spencer understands the inherent humor of a superhero that goes by the name Ant-Man, and this preview of next week’s Ant-Man #2 spotlights the comedic chops Spencer honed with his work on The Superior Foes Of Spider-Man. The Grizzly versus Ant-Man fight is all just one awkward misunderstanding involving a different Ant-Man, and once Scott points out that he was dead at the time of Grizzly’s incarceration, their brawl comes …

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