Newswire: Exclusive Image preview: A lesbian werewolf war story unfolds in Cry Havoc

When it comes to hooks, “lesbian werewolf war story” is one that definitely piques interest. Cry Havoc, the new Image Comics ongoing series from writer Si Spurrier and artist Ryan Kelly, follows Louise Canton, a young lesbian musician who becomes a supernatural creature, then somehow ends up in war-torn Afghanistan as a private contractor before finally landing in prison, three periods of her life that are differentiated by three colorists: Nick Filardi (beginning), Matthew Wilson (middle), and Lee Loughridge (end). These three time periods are weaved together in Spurrier’s narrative, which throws the reader into these specific points of Louise’s life while gradually providing the important information needed to gain footing in the time-jumping plot.

Cry Havoc is a very structurally ambitious title, with the changes in time period resulting in changes in both panel layout and color palette. This preview of Cry Havoc #1 gives glimpses of …

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