Newswire: Exclusive IDW preview: New comics series sends Godzilla to hell

July 15th will see publisher IDW release the first issue of Godzilla In Hell, a new five-part miniseries that finds the king of monsters suddenly and mysteriously plunged into the netherworld. As he warily traverses through the fiery plains, Godzilla must fight off various unspeakable horrors while attempting to discover what has led to his damnation.

As intriguing as the prospect of watching Godzilla journey through hell is, what makes this series even more exciting is the return of cartoonist James Stokoe (Orc Stain, Wonton Soup) to the title. Prior to his musclebound Hollywood comeback last year, Stokoe, who will be writing and illustrating the opening issue, penned one of the most memorable Godzilla stories in recent times with Godzilla: The Half Century War. A six-issue mini-series published in 2012 and available in a collected hardback edition this month, Half Century War follows a Japanese soldier, Ota, and his lifelong …

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