Newswire: Exclusive IDW preview: D4VE2 returns to a hilarious robot-ruled future

What do you do after you’ve saved the world? For the robot D4VE, life hasn’t changed all that much one year after stopping an alien invasion of 34RTH. Sure, statues have been erected in his honor and he doesn’t get chewed out for showing up to work late, but he still sits around in traffic, still goes to a job he doesn’t love, and still deals with a wife and teenage son that don’t respect him. The surrounding context has changed, but being the planet’s savior isn’t going to stop D4VE from pouring his morning cup of hot oil on himself. That’s a good thing, because his story wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun if everything was perfect.

The first D4VE miniseries by writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Valentin Ramon (available now in a slick paperback collection) became a sleeper hit …

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