Newswire: Exclusive: Hippo Campus album info, a great new video, and tour dates

The young Minnesota band Hippo Campus had a pretty incredible 2015, which is especially impressive considering the four young men weren’t quite old enough to drink yet and hadn’t even released a full-length album. But the quartet’s two massively catchy EPs—think Vampire Weekend with less expensive clothes—were enough to make plenty of waves, and secure the band a bunch of tours and SXSW appearances (including a coveted slot at the annual A.V. Club party, naturally).

And now we’ve got both an exclusive look at the band’s excellent new video “Boyish” (do they have to remind us how young they are?) and information on Hippo Campus’ debut full length: Landmark will be released February 24, 2017 by Grand Jury Records. The week prior, Hippo Campus will hit the road again, probably playing in a town near you, assuming you live in the United …

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