Newswire: Exclusive: Hear the first song from Tenement’s upcoming double album

For years, people have been saying that “the album is dead.” It’s a dialogue that’s pervaded the music industry in the wake of digital downloading and streaming services, as the focus shifts to the single and not extended works. By that logic, the double album has been dead even longer, but none of these conversations make a difference to Appleton, Wisconsin’s Tenement. After partnering up with Don Giovanni Records, label owner Joseph Steinhardt suggested the trio try a double album. Now, three years after starting work on it in 2012, the band is ready to unleash its 25-track, 80-minute double record, Predatory Headlights, on June 2.

Tenement has been a favorite in the D.I.Y. community for years, but Predatory Headlights is sure to extend the band’s reach. Following in the footsteps of such classic, sprawling works as Zen Arcade and Mellon Collie And The …

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