Newswire: Exclusive First Second announcement: Youssef Daoudi’s Monk explores the life of a jazz legend

The friendship between jazz legend Thelonious Monk and jazz patron Baroness Kathleen Annie Pannonica de Koenigswarter is a remarkable true story of how people from dramatically different backgrounds and social statuses can find a connection in a mutual appreciation of art. Their relationship is at the center of Youssef Daoudi’s Monk, a new graphic novel from First Second that details Monk and Nica’s story in sumptuous black-and-white artwork.

The English-language debut of French artist Daoudi, Monk is a striking introduction to a bold talent, and these exclusive preview pages spotlight his talent for creating an engrossing environment and capturing the likenesses of his two leads. “When I was 18, I would draw while listening to Monk for hours.,” Daoudi says. “He was such an inspiration for me. When I knew about Nica, I was immediately obsessed by the project and images dawned on me with all the roaring …

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