Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: We Are Robin #4 welcomes an exciting guest artist

Last year, James Harvey made a big impression with his oversized Image Comics one-shot Masterplasty, a title that showcased the cartoonist’s storytelling versatility and the intense energy of his artwork. His comics work has been very limited since then, but readers finally get another full issue of new Harvey art this week as he joins We Are Robin for a special standalone issue. The book’s regular art team of Jorge Corona and Patricia Mulvihill has done great work giving the title a fresh, dynamic look, but Harvey’s arrival brings a wave of style that makes the visuals unlike anything else DC currently publishes. Harvey’s character design variant covers for the first three issues of We Are Robin offered a taste of what’s to come, but they pale in comparison to the imagination and personality on display in these preview pages.

Harvey brings excitement to Lee …

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