Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Selina tends to a wounded ally in Catwoman #44

While Batgirl has received most of the attention when it comes to dramatically revamped Gotham heroines in the past year, Catwoman has also undergone a significant transformation that brought a upswing in quality to her ongoing series. Writer (and The A.V. Club contributor) Genevieve Valentine has built a tense mob drama from Selina Kyle’s new status quo as the head of the Calabrese crime family, fleshing out Gotham’s underworld and giving Selina an intriguing supporting cast. One of those supporting players is Eiko Hasigawa, the daughter of one of Selina’s crime boss frenemies. Eiko stepped into the role of Catwoman while Selina was acclimating to her role as the Calabrese head, a decision that landed Eiko with severe injuries when she was ambushed by Black Mask on a rooftop and left for dead. Luckily for Eiko, Selina’s ally Killer Croc was around to save her …

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