Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Justice League United #8 wipes out The Legion Of Superheroes

DC’s New 52 hasn’t been kind to The Legion Of Superheroes. After launching two new Legion-centric titles at the very start of the New 52 reboot, DC canceled both books and left the characters floating in 31st-century limbo. They’ve recently returned in the current arc of Jeff Lemire’s Justice League United, teaming up with the heroes of the present day to put an end to a cosmic conflict that will have major repercussions in the future. The potential consequences of their failure are highlighted in this preview of next week’s issue #8.

Newcomers to the Legion can get a quick primer with this preview, which details the origin of DC’s future superteam and spotlights the expansive cast of colorful characters that make up the group. Artist Neil Edwards, inkers Jay Leisten and Keith Champagne, and colorist Jeremy Cox deliver some of this title’s …

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