Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Dick and Superman team up in Grayson Annual #2

A major part of the appeal of Dick Grayson’s Robin is that he’s nowhere near as serious as his brooding partner, providing a lighter, happier worldview that is a nice contrast to Batman’s personality. He’s a kid in a costume who takes pleasure in his superhero lifestyle, and that sense of fun has carried over to his current role as a secret agent in the ongoing Grayson series. Writers Tom King and Tim Seeley have revitalized the character by taking him on a new path while exploring the past that led Dick to this point in life, and this preview of this week’s Grayson Annual #2 spotlights that narrative dynamic by starting with a flashback to one of Dick’s early encounters with Superman. (For more on the exceptional work this team has done, check out last week’s Big Issues on Grayson and We …

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