Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Creatures from Kamandi invade Convergence: Hawkman #2

Writer Jeff Parker has a talent for telling superhero stories with a classic feel, making him a perfect fit for DC Comics’ Convergence event showcasing bygone eras of the publisher’s history. His miniseries, Convergence: Hawkman and Convergence: Shazam, are some of the most captivating stories of the crossover, highlighting the specific qualities that make the lead heroes engaging and exciting. Shazam offers a delightfully retro tale about the Marvel Family full of heart and optimism (check out Caitlin Rosberg’s Comics Panel review for more), but his story for Hawkman is more aggressive and tense to suit the flying space cops at its center.

Hawkman is a bit darker than Shazam, but it’s still a lot of fun, as evidenced by this preview of this week’s Convergence: Hawkman #2 that pits Hawkman and Hawkwoman against bat people from Jack Kirby’s classic Kamandi: The Last Boy On …

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