Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Convergence: Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes goes back to the future

Writer Stuart Moore and artist Gus Storms have shown a talent for combining team-based superheroics with sci-fi spectacle in their ongoing Image Comics series EGOs, making them an inspired choice of creative team for the two-part Convergence: Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes miniseries. What makes this project especially notable is the absence of the Legion of Super-Heroes in DC’s current stable of ongoing comics, making this the only place for fans of the Legion to see these characters for the foreseeable future. There’s a lot of potential to be explored in this property, and the strength of Moore and Storms’ creator-owned work suggests that they’re the right people to realize that potential.

Moore has a knack for building complex character dynamics and dramatic stakes without sacrificing fun and humor, and Storms’ clean, expressive linework is a great fit for Moore’s scripting. Veteran inker Mark Farmer …

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