Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Clark Kent storms the Oval Office in Superman/Wonder Woman #20

Clark Kent has been dealing with a lot of stress since his secret identity as Superman was revealed to the world, and this influx of drama has dramatically upped the quality of Superman’s four titles at DC Comics. While the hero deals with a corrupted Metropolis police force and mayor’s office in Action Comics, Superman/Wonder Woman shows Clark taking on the U.S. government for abducting and imprisoning his friends, and last month’s issue ended with Clark barging into the Oval Office to have a word with the president. Writer Peter J. Tomasi has crafted an intense story for Superman that builds on the aggression shown in the character’s other titles, revealing that despite Clark’s severely diminished powers, he hasn’t lost his will to fight for what he believes is right.

Artist Doug Mahnke is one of DC’s top talents, and his …

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