Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Black Canary goes abroad to search for its missing members

Following the conclusion of Black Canary‘s first arc, the rock band has lost its lead singer and guitarist, forcing the remaining members to take action if they want to save their group. This week’s Black Canary #8 finds Paloma, Byron, and Heathcliff traveling to Berlin to track down Dinah “D.D.” Lance, who is dealing with her own considerable troubles as she fends off attackers for the viewing pleasure of a mysterious new enemy. It’s another fun, strange set-up from writer Brenden Fletcher, who has done great work blending band drama with superhero spectacle on this title, and his unconventional take on superhero narratives is reflected in the artists on this book.

Regular artist Annie Wu is taking a break after delivering some incredible visuals in the last issue, including a fight scene set on a music staff that has been the highlight of the entire series …

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