Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Black Canary #4 reveals the origin of Dinah’s top rival

The current DC You publishing initiative has found great creative success by taking characters in bold new directions with strong creative teams, and Black Canary has become one of the publisher’s standout titles by blending rock ‘n’ roll and superheroics in a cross-country adventure. Building off of Dinah Lance’s new status quo in Batgirl, the series by writer Brenden Fletcher, artist Annie Wu, and colorist Lee Loughridge is full of character and energy, finding an intriguing angle for the titular heroine and her band. Unfortunately, with DC’s recent announcement of the cancelation of five titles (including the exceptional The Omega Men), character, energy, and intrigue don’t necessarily mean a book will last if it’s not selling.

Black Canary is the kind of off-kilter title that DC could use more of, and hopefully these cancellations aren’t signaling backward movement from a publisher that has recently …

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