Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Batgirl Annual #3 brings Grayson back into Barbara’s life

Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson are former lovers who have experienced big changes in the last year, with both of their ongoing solo series, Batgirl and Grayson, taking them in considerably different directions from what was being done with their characters before. Barbara became the hip protector of Burnside, Gotham’s Brooklyn-esque neighborhood, while Dick became a globe-trotting secret agent, presumed dead by the rest of the world while he works in the shadows. Their paths have stayed separate as they embark on these new journeys, but that changes with this week’s Batgirl Annual #3, which finds Dick returning to Gotham on official Spyral business.

In addition to the Grayson reunion, Barbara will also be teaming up with other characters in the DC Universe in this issue, and each partnership will feature a different artist teaming with writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher. Bengal, who drew the gorgeous (and …

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