Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: Alex Ross delivers striking designs for Astro City: Private Lives

Astro City is consistently one of the strongest superhero reads of each month, and this week sees the release of a new collection featuring some of the best chapters of the book’s current run at Vertigo. Astro City Vol. 11: Private Lives collects issues #11-#16, an assortment that includes the mind-bending Dancing Master story and a touching tale that introduces Astro City’s first transgender character (at least the first that this reader is aware of), and it’s a great showcase of the high-quality work done by writer Kurt Busiek, artist Brent Anderson (with fill-ins by Graham Nolan), colorist Alex Sinclair, and cover artist/character designer Alex Ross.

DC Comics has provided The A.V. Club with an exclusive look at Ross’ gorgeous design work included with this week’s collection, and it’s immediately apparent just how essential Ross is to this book’s visual appeal …

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