Newswire: Exclusive DC preview: A superpowered Damian Wayne returns to Batman And Robin

A little less than two years after being killed in battle against an adult clone version of himself (Aren’t superhero comics fun?), Damian Wayne has returned to the DC Universe to reclaim his position by Batman’s side. Still, Bruce Wayne’s son isn’t the same character as before. Damian’s attitude is as aggressive as ever, but his cosmically powered resurrection had some significant side effects, granting him new superpowers that make him the Bat-family’s most powerful member. As of now, it’s been revealed that Damian has invulnerability and super-strength, and this preview of next week’s Batman & Robin #38 reveals how his new abilities impact his work as Robin.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi spent most of last year exploring different facets of the DC Universe as Bruce Wayne searched for a way to bring his son back to life. But the action returns …

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