Newswire: Exclusive Boom! preview: Sons Of Anarchy reaches the end of the road

The TV series may have ended last year, but the Sons Of Anarchy comic has continued to tell stories about Jax, Clay, and the rest of the biker brotherhood for fans that need their fix of gritty crime drama and white-knuckle motorcycle action. Unfortunately, those fans are going to have to look elsewhere after next week’s Sons Of Anarchy #25, which ends the series with a face-off between the men of SAMCRO and a rival Irish gang. The shared past between two members of the fighting groups is detailed in this preview, highlighting the tension in writer Ryan Ferrier’s scripting and the versatility of Matías Bergara and colorist Paul Little’s artwork.

Boom! has also provided The A.V. Club with a look at this final issue’s back matter, outlining the process of creating a page from script to rough pencils to final inks. Seeing those steps …

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