Newswire: Exclusive Black Mask preview: Children become bank robbers in 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Every parent has secrets they don’t want to tell their kids, and in Black Mask’s new miniseries, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, by writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Tyler Boss, Paige Turner’s father is up to some fishy business with four aggressive thugs that don’t mind violently interrupting his daughter’s play dates. Over the course of the book’s first issue, Paige and her friends start to shift away from their tabletop RPG and into the more dangerous arena of real-world crime as they investigate what those four men are up to, offering a twist on the typical bank robbery narrative by incorporating four pre-teens in the mix.

This extended preview of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1 (available in print and digitally on April 27) introduces readers to this world and cast with an exciting fantasy sequence showing the children as their …

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