Newswire: Ex-members throw Ghost frontman into the fiery pit of civil litigation

Although their names have long been something of an open secret thanks to internet detective work, the members of Satanic pop-metal band Ghost insist on concealing their identities in public, hiding behind long black cloaks and masks inspired by medieval plague doctors and giving all but their leader/lead singer, Papa Emeritus, the humble sobriquet of “Nameless Ghoul.” They even sign autographs with rubber stamps, lest their handwriting give anything away. And you know what? It’s fucking hot behind those masks, and those robes start to stink after a while.

That’s just one of the mundane complaints leveled in a lawsuit brought in Swedish court by four former Nameless Ghouls against Papa Emeritus—a.k.a. 36-year-old metal musician Tobias Forge—alleging everything from inadequate laundry facilities and rogue bananas (one crew member is allergic) to more serious charges of cheating band members out of their fair share …

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