Newswire: Everyone’s pretty psyched about the new It footage you can’t see

Comic-Con has begun teasing the attendees of its 2017 gathering with the sorts of exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes tidbits meant to stoke anticipation for upcoming movies and TV shows. But nothing gets the heart racing and the pulse pounding quite like hearing all about the kinds of jaw-dropping imagery unveiled in the big convention, and be subsequently told, “Oh, but you can’t see any of it.” Because if there’s one thing proven to be true, it’s that the entire world adheres to The Matrix philosophy: No one can be told what something is, they have to experience it for themselves. (Except for Joe Dirt, which is a garbage film you do not need to watch.)

And everyone who managed to crowd into a room last night to see a few new scenes from the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It seems to have come away …

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