Newswire: Everyone on Arrow gets a new suit, and an old Flash joins The Flash

The movie version of the DC Universe is having a pretty big Comic-Con, but The CW’s little corner of the vigilantism world won’t let itself be completely pushed out of the spotlight. Over the last couple of days, the network has released new information on all three of its superhero shows—Arrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Legends Of Tomorrow—that gives us some interesting glimpses of their future.

First up is Legends Of Tomorrow, the Arrow/Flash spinoff show that features a team of good guys and bad guys working together to stop a big villain. As reported by Deadline, executive producer Greg Berlanti said it was his chance to “do an Ocean’s Eleven-type show,” which is most likely a reference to the idea of a bunch of people with various skills workings toward one goal, and not a reference to Captain Cold, The Atom …

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