Newswire: Everyone dies but Bart in a morbid new Simpsons couch gag

The Simpsons has doubled down on the depressing this week. After acknowledging that it accurately predicted a Trump presidency, the show has now released a couch gag that lands firmly on the disturbing side of funny. In the opening to this week’s episode, titled “Dad Behavior,” the entire Simpson clan, sans Bart, meets untimely ends:

Homer chokes on that pesky uranium rod, Lisa’s head gets bashed in by her saxophone, and Maggie drives herself and Marge off a cliff. Meanwhile Bart, skateboard broken, is left alone at home. He finds a silver lining, however: At least now he has the remote. We do want to note that, since we didn’t see Maggie’s corpse, we’re going to bet she’s alive, crawling somewhere. Still, The Simpsons are evidently not here to cheer you up this week.

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