Newswire: Even Yale University is getting into VHS collecting

In a move that will almost certainly drive the price of that Blood Diner tape you’ve been watching on eBay, Bloomberg Business brings word that Yale University has begun amassing a VHS collection. But the Ivy League institution isn’t looking for dusty copies of Men In Black (or Speed or Jerry Maguire, presumably because those already have dedicated archivists working to save them from landfills). Specifically, it’s collecting VHS tapes from the horror and exploitation genres, the once-undesirable, now highly collectible subset of VHS in general whose fans people—ourselves included—are usually referring to when they talk about “VHS Collectors.”

Yale librarian David Gary is apparently one of these fans. And, as people do when they’re trying to get their employer to spend money on something that they themselves secretly want, he’s come up with an elaborate justification as to why these tapes …

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