Newswire: Even Trump voters want PBS to stay on the air

Back in the carefree days of 2012, a young boy named Mitt Romney dreamed of a world where a rich guy could be president, and he actually tried moderately hard to make that dream a reality. Unfortunately, his campaign was beset by various scandals that seem utterly adorable today, like when he suggested defunding PBS so he could save the tiny, tiny, tiny amount of money that the government spends on public broadcasting every year. People got outraged that he was trying to kill Big Bird and the other folks on Sesame Street, and then Romney lost the presidency.

Now, though, we’ve got an even more out-of-touch idiot in the White House, and he’s once again suggesting that gutting PBS would be a good way to make up some of the money he’s planning to spend on stupid bullshit (walls, bombs, tape for his neckties) over the …

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