Newswire: Even in her prepubescent form, Dolly Parton is big on TV

County-music legend Dolly Parton has always been known for two things: Her down-home charm, and her enormous…popularity. Both those were evident in last night’s broadcast of Coat Of Many Colors, the first in a series of planned TV movies about Parton’s folksy life and gee-whiz times, on NBC. According to Variety, the movie drew 12.8 million viewers to the network, the biggest audience for an original TV movie on a broadcast network since 2012 and the biggest for NBC since 2013’s telecast of The Sound Of Music Live!.

As for who, exactly, was watching this toothache-inducing tale of an impoverished 9-year-old in ’50s Tennessee who can never be truly poor because she’s got God, song, and a loving family, The A.V. Club has a couple of ideas. Variety says the audience “[skewed] older as expected,” conjuring up images of little old ladies snuggling …

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