Newswire: Emojis are now in MoMA, because your portfolio is :( in comparison

The Museum Of Modern Art in New York has long been home to some of the most bold contemporary art, especially if that art is made or worn by a famous person, in order to bring in the young people who don’t know their Jasper Johns from their Yayoi Kusamas. But despite occasionally being criticized for its curation, the museum is still committed to delivering boundary-pushing art that makes you think and challenges your preconceptions about the world. And in that spirit, The New York Times reports MoMA has acquired the original set of 176 emoji, made for texting on phones by Japanese mobile provider NTT DoCoMo in 1999, because all those massive canvases you’ve filled with your heart and soul are total piles of puke in comparison to 12×12 pixellated images designed to help corporations sell you stuff.

Actually, while it’s true that many of the …

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